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Thus, changes of course of currencies influence redistribution between the countries of part of a cumulative public product which is realized in foreign markets. In the conditions of floating exchange rates impact of course ratios on pricing and inflationary process amplifies.

The extent of demand for foreign currency is defined by needs of the country for import of goods and services, expenses of the tourists of this country leaving to the foreign states demand for foreign financial assets and demand for foreign currency in connection with intentions of residents to carry out investment projects abroad.

The conditional cost of ECU and SDR is estimated on the basis of the average cost and a change of course of the currencies entering a currency basket. Very often conditional cost of SDR and ECU is estimated in US dollars. Daily quotations are published in the main financial newspapers.

The international liquidity carries out three functions, being means of formation of liquid reserves, means of the international payments (generally for a covering of deficiency payment balance and means of currency intervention.