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By experience of foreign countries, and also by the available experience of our country the big size of authorized capital of polozhiteln influences investments. That is the investor with bigger confidence makes the investments in the investment project as at the enterprise in which he makes investments there is an opportunity to indemnify it loss, in case of a failure or unsatisfactory result of implementation of the investment project.

The fund of consumption is a source of means of an economic entity, reserved for implementation of actions for social development (except capital investments) and to material encouragement of collective.

Investments — it is long-term capital investments to the distinguished spheres of economy for the purpose of its preservation and increase. real (investment kapitaloobrazuyushch — an investment in creation new, reconstruction or modernization of the existing enterprises, productions and financial (portfolio investments in purchase of shares and securities of the state, other enterprises, investment funds. In the first case predpriya-tiye-vestor, making investments, increases the production capital — the fixed business assets and current assets, hodimy for their functioning. In the second case the investor increases the financial capital, receiving — the income on securities. Investments of money in creation of productions thus carry out other enterprises and the organizations which issued stocks for attraction of financial means on implementation of their investment projects.

At a bill way after delivery of goods the seller exposes a on the buyer who, having received commercial documents, accepts it, i.e. agrees to payment in the time specified on it. This way in the relations between retail trade and the wholesale supplier is not used.

Full, or as it still call "wet" leasing (wet leasing) when the lessor assumes all expenses on service of property. It is used, as a rule, by manufacturers of the equipment. At cost full leasing one of the most expensive as at the lessor expenses on maintenance, maintenance by qualified personnel, repair, delivery of necessary raw materials and components, etc. increase.

The investment project — the planned and carried out complex of actions for capital investments in various branches and spheres of economy for the purpose of its increase. Implementation of the project connected with creation new or modernization (re-equipment) of the operating enterprise or production, demands implementation of a number of measures for acquisition, rent, branch and preparation of the land plot under building, to carrying out engineering researches, development of documentation on construction or reconstruction a, productions, to performance of the construction and installation works, acquisition of the processing equipment, carrying out the balancing and commissioning, providing created (re-equipped or reprofiled) the enterprise (productions by necessary shots, raw materials, components, the organization of sale planned to production. Implementation of the specified measures in interrelation for time and organizational and technological reasons — is investment process.

Pure (net leasing) when all expenses on service of property are assumed by the lessee. Thus the lessee translates to the lessor pure, or net, payments. The majority of services in the domestic leasing market of the equipment are pure.

This fund represents the source of means of an economic entity accumulating profit and other sources for creation of new property, acquisition of fixed assets, current assets, etc. the Fund of accumulation shows growth of a property condition of an economic entity, increase in its own means. At the same time operations on acquisition and creation of new property of an economic entity do not affect fund of accumulation.

Indirect leasing when transfer of property in leasing happens through the intermediary. The such transaction is similar to classical leasing operation as participate in it the supplier, lessor and lessee, and each of them acts independently.

The investments put in creation new and ­ the operating fixed assets without investments in potrebny means have a form of capital investments. investments make the prevailing part of all means, simple and expanded reproduction of fixed assets. All capital expenditure for a gain and compensation of wear of fixed assets, including costs of repair and modernization of fixed assets concerns to them.