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In the most general sense of a problem — it, on the one hand, objective difficulties, barriers, the trouble facts, with another — is result of understanding, understanding of a situation, vision in it a certain contradiction (discrepancy real and desirable, real and due, the purposes and results, i.e. real situation and accepted in the society of standard instructions) on which permission the developed program has to be directed.

first, to track interrelations between: conditions of formation and realization of a way of life of people (the welfare environment and spheres of activity of people and the contents and ways of the organization of human activity in this environment;

welfare which characterize an adverse fortune this or that making the environment or a way of life and arise as subjectively perceived discrepancy between an optimum level of cultural development and its real state. Sharpness of experience of a situation is culturally caused, it is set by idea of norm, a standard and is result of perception and estimates of a cultural situation the subject (managements, design) who assumes responsibility for this state and in the ways available to it tries to optimize cultural life of the personality, social group, an amateur community, the territory in general.

Communication between the sociocultural environment, spheres of activity and a way of life ambiguous — in the same conditions various models of a way of life can be formed. Here the set of factors including character of personal problems — their suspense or absence in the environment of conditions for their permission deforms a way of life affects. That is why in technology of design, and especially in the course of development of local projects and programs, the accounting of personal problems is necessary

Therefore, a way of life — this first of all certain quality of activity which criteria are: level of formation and development of the person as subject of culture (character and the maintenance of its values and the corresponding forms of activity in various spheres of cultural life — art, spiritual and moral, ecological, etc.), and also its ability as much as possible to use the sociocultural environment and spheres of activity as space of development and realization of the creative power and abilities.

Thus, the sociocultural situation — is people around of the person material, social, institutional and spiritual conditions of his formation, development and self-realization. Components of a sociocultural situation — Wednesday and spheres of activity — are at the same time areas of design activity.

The sociocultural environment of activity (the person, social group, the region is key in technology sociocultural design of that it gives in to change, transformation. Making decisive impact on development and formation of the personality, Wednesday at the same time changes, will be transformed under the influence of creative activity of the person thanks to which potentials of the environment become real opportunities of development of the personality, conditions of her self-realization. Therefore, within the welfare program it is possible to change conditions of formation and realization of a way of life, having changed a situation in the way: