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In linear and in parallel experiment it is possible to use a method of structural modification. In this case in linear experiment the group is selected so that it represented population micromodel according to neutral and control characteristics.

Often at the heart of such, time of conflict relationship distinction of the interests, valuable orientations or world outlook representations acting as incentive motive of the mass behavior not always taking socially favorable form lies.

The method of casual selection is identical to earlier considered methods of probabilistic selection with in advance set volume. As a rule, it is used in field experiments at big (to several honeycombs) the number of experimental group.

The simplest reception of measurement of installations by rules of such scale – ranging by respondents of those objects the relation to which from their party interests the researcher. So, for identification of chances of success of this or that candidate at multimandatory elections to respondents cards with surnames of candidates as preference suggest to arrange. In this case all objects are significant from the point of view of an object of research. The result of ranging will give information on chances of candidates to be elected.

For increase of accuracy of measurement of installation by means of semantic differential between antonyms have a numerical axis therefore for each couple of antonyms receive 5-or a 7-mark scale.

The method of paired selection is used mainly in parallel experiment. Its essence consists in the following. Two groups get out of population so that they were identical on neutral and control, but differed according to factorial characteristics. After that for both groups identical conditions, and the effect of experiment by fixing and comparison of parameters of control signs in both groups is measured after a while.