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Distribution to SEV was gained also by such form of the organization of scientific and technical cooperation as creation of temporary groups of scientists for conducting joint development of scientific problems. Joint researches are conducted in the international scientific centers which are specially created for these purposes, which

Srana SEV vystepat participants of the world division of labor in the sphere of science and equipment. In this regard more successfully to solve problems of optimization of sobstveenny scientific potential, they had to is fuller to consider possibilities of cooperation in the sphere of science and equipment, and first of all in the European scale.

In order that the nachno-technical exchange was carried out more or less substantially, various forms of plans were developed. It and long-term forecasts of development of science for everything to "the socialist commonwealth" in general and on the country of SEV separately, and forecasts of development of separate branches of science and equipment taking into account world tendencies, etc.

Especially the importance has an exchange of scientific and technical information. Scientific and technical information can be transferred to partners in cooperation completely, as the license, a know-how, technology, etc.

The simplest analysis of results of scientific and technical cooperation within SEV, and also export of achievements of science and technology to the third countries, including and industrially developed, shows that scientific and technical cooperation in SEV, though was not deprived of certain nebostatok, including some inertness and various to advantage for the different countries, nevertheless brought positive results.